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Developing Technologies, For The New Change.

Our Clients

Aakash Institute Pvt Ltd, Ithari,Sunsari
Prayogshala Technologies Pvt Ltd, Dharan , Sunsari

About Us

PI Innovations is an organization that provides an outstanding platform to the students and tech enthusiasts all over Nepal. PI Innovations seeks to promote, educate and get more Nepalese to explore the field of Robotics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and other various technologies.
PI Innovations has committed itself to provide practical knowledge and create an environment where our new generation would learn skills along with the theoretical knowledge and insights of what they are learning.

Our Four Pillars

  • Creativity

    We thrive on creativity. We value creativity as our best weapon.

  • We exist to innovate. Without innovation our company has no value.

  • Teamwork is our greatest defence against any tides.

  • Till this day, Our Company has maintained it's reputation by maintaining trust across the board.



Design and Web Development

In digital age, Eye catching design and website is best spear.


Never stop learning, the moment you stop learning you lose.

App Development

Every user uses a device and you need an app to reach them.

Digital Marketing and Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Digital Marketing is the forefront of Modern Market.

Technologies We Use



Tribeni Marga, Biratnagar, Nepal


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